Saturday, August 27, 2011


 When talking with Mike while he was away on his trip to South Dakota I had asked him how the trip was going? His response was "Very Breath taking" I started pondering on all the things that the Lord finds breath taking, my thoughts didnt go far as I started thinking about the blessings of family.  Mike was sitting on the edge of a cliff watching the sunset in God's creation, and YET WE are the most important thing he has created.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS image. WOW!! Sometimes we can be a sight to see.... BUT, not such a postive one.  We are to bear such good fruit so that we are witnessess to those around us.  How about you? When God looks at me, I want him to be able to say.... "She is breathtaking, she bears such good fruit"

I think the hardest place to bear such good fruit is amongst our family!! Sometimes, we are too comfortable around them and often times throw "little fits" of selfishness.  We only think about ourselves and quickly forget the act of kindness, and giving to those around us.  I was often times reminded and the reason I was able to have peace with Mike being gone was that he was given this wonderful opportunity to explore and do this adventure that he would not have other wise been able to do! Mike sacrifces for his family time and time again.  He has stepped up to be the father and husband God has called him to be, and I had to respect his time. It gave me such a great feeling knowing he was enjoying himself, and connecting with the other interns.  I also was given an opportunity to develope a deeper relationship with the children as we found ourselves many creative things to do together while passing the time.  During this week, I was reminded of how important family is.  I started to admire all the husbands/wives who have to be seperated from their loved ones for various reasons, and it made me realize one thing.  I am definately now your prayer partner when it comes to this!!
The week flew by and we quickly reunited. We shared our experiences, and accomplishments of the week.
He had hiked up Harney's Peak, Sat and watched the sunset, explored Mt Rushmore, Hike and Repelled, and shared and connected with the other interns.  Back at home, we were able to Sleep in and snuggle, went bowling, swimming, went to Pizza HUT (courtesy of the Folgers) played board games, and had a Big Brother Marathon!!! The memories we build and share with each other are priceless.. Our priorities in life need to be that we remember and value one another in a way that when we look at each other, OUR Families we say "BREATHTAKING"

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  1. That is the way I feel when I look at my Grandkids and G. Grandkids. I have been blessed to live long enough to enjoy my G. Grandkids. All 15 of them. What a great family my daughter and son gave us. We miss you all very much. Thanks for keeping us updated on what you are doing. Makes us feel closer. G. Ma