Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After two weeks we are settled into our house, as much as we possibly can!!!! It definitely feels like a home, with a few things to work out!!!  Emotions are running high, as a dear friend lost her son earlier this week.. Calling hours are tomorrow and we cant be there to support her.  With the move, and jumping in with two feet exhaustion is setting in..... The kids are missing home, but are blessed to have some of the advantages to the camp.. Kirk got hired to actually work around camp.  So far he has done 'snack shack'  Mike gets to take his first "adventure outing" in September to Colorado.  The kids and I will not be able to go on this one... (with tears) Anyways, on a plus note to everything, everyone seems so amazed by our ability and hard work. Even lil' Lyv as gotten many compliments!! Love and Miss everyone!!

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