Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of SCHOOL!!!!


     Are the two words the came to mind today as we started Our First day of School at the Omaha Zoo.... I am so blessed to have spent the day with my children and a wonderful lady who has taken my kids under her wing to represent a Grandmother figure....  To reflect back on this past school year and how I doubted being obedient to the calling of homeschooling due to the fear that initialy paralysed me, I wonder how many times we live with regret because of choices we are afraid to make or lack of due to the fear of the unknown??? I almost missed out on the opportunity and challenge before me. As this year has begun, I embrace the difficulties that lie ahead, I am aware of the mountain I must climb, and the challenges before me. BUT now instead of fear I accept it with great anticipation, excitement and trust!!!

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