Friday, August 19, 2011

Intern Training

     Yesterday we went out to the Huhut Mongalian in Omaha for intern orientation and dinner, afterwards we had a nice small concert!! The evening was wonderful, felt great to actually look nice for once, as it is hard to do that while we work outside all day, or in the kitchen that requires you to wear a hat all day!!! Today we started training.  We learned how to do the ZipLine, Highropes, mini bikes, and archary.  Sunday we will learn the rock wall and how to belay!! The kids got to jump from the highropes, and had a lot of fun... As I was learing how to ride a MINIBIKE... I dumped it, yes I tipped the thing over.. It never ceases to amaze me that humor follows us everywhere.  As I was getting up of the ground I looked up and saw everyone laughing, while doubled over, with tears coming out of their eyes! Nice to know that I can still entertain, quite easily. I will post pictures later.  Mike leaves Monday @ 8:00 a.m. for South Dakota for an adventure outing... I need strength to get through this as I am heartsick over not being able to go!! ON a plus note we are all going to South Dakota over Labor day Weekend to an outside festival called LifeLight... We are soo pumped about that!!! More on those details later.....

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