Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our first Co-OP Class

         We had our first CO-OP class today! It went great.  Mike is teaching wood shop.  Co-Op classes are elective classes the homeschool kids get to have all together.  Each parent volunteers to teach something that could be of interest to the children.. The following is a list of the electives the kids are doing...
KIRK: Intro to Psych
          Consumer Math (budgeting, banking, record Keeping)
          Wood Shop/Wiring
OWEN: Wood Shop
            (I cant remember the other class for him)           
Lyvvie: Gym, health/Nurtrition, Art, Music, Science 

       We are looking forward to this year.  It should be fun and excting... In addition to this Kirk has a biology class on Monday evening he is doing, and we enrolled all three kids in Awanas as well!!! So the kids are pretty overloaded with classes, so I think we should be okay~~

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  1. Sounds like a good thing--especially for the older kids. Consumer math is really needed! How many kids in the co-op and what are you teaching?