Friday, October 21, 2011


The little blessings in life come in forms of family, friends, fun and a Faithful Father (who loves us unconditionally)!!!!!!  Family: Who love you,  who are a part of who you are no matter the season of life, and what that season brings.  As a family we embrace challenges set forth in our path.  We may fight against them as the fear of the unknown overwhelms us and empowers us.  Or we may accept the challenges as a positive, and benefit from the rewards that come from the risk in life.  In doing so, we grow and mature. We gain a knowledge of life and come to an understanding that happiness isn't found in the securities of life but found in a faith of a heavenly father, who loves us so unconditionally.  An assurance that we know that God is for us and sends a reminder of who he is constantly even in our brokeness.  Friends: (Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times") Who love us so much that they had to let us go.  A decision that they didn't make, but a willingness to trust our decision and accept us for who we are. An understanding of our unknown path that essentially has us in the best place of our lives, "The Will of God"   The biggest blessing of all is the support, whether near or far.  We may be miles apart but so close to the heart. And the new friends that God puts in our path to love us, accept us and embrace this journey we are on.   FUN: Both family and friends creates such love, fun and memories.  The house is filled with laughter, with love,  and with memories that will never be forgotten. Its what is comfortable which brings peace.  Faithful Father: Who is so patient, merciful, good and true.  We are so unworthy of the blessings he fills us with on a daily basis, but so apprecitive of them.  If God is TRULY for you than Who can be against YOU??? He will never leave you or forsake YOU!!  With all this said, We are extremely blessed with where we are in this journey.  We are so thankful, and feel so honored that God has choosen us to fullfill his plans in us, to bring his father's name glory.  Our goal is to be "less of US and MORE of Him" as we continue this road of the unknown.  Our passion is to show how important family really is and to make it a priority.  We reveal our authenticy and make our lives transparent in doing so,  allowing God to work in us and through us. For years we reaped a harvest of business and now pay the consequences of that dearly. God is a God of forgiveness. IN that, we have the privledge and power to come before him as we are.  He longs for a relationship with YOU! A relationship with the Lord is probably one of the most priceless blessings we may be given!!

 (Lyvvie and Alyssa at the Park... Friendships... A Blessing!!!)

(Lyv with OUR CARE package from a dear friend of mine.. We are so appreciative of her prayers and  support!!!)

(A letter from a family member, who We love, admire, respect and adore... We are graciouly appreciative of the love, and support from so far away, even though sadly missed)

 (At Friday Fun Night... God brings friends as a reminder of who he is and how important friendship are-A blessing!!!!)

(FNL.... Kirk's Highschool Group, through CO-OP... which was a complete answer to prayers... Kirk has held friendships at an arm's length away for so long, it is good to see him open up and be willing to BE a friend in order to Find Friends... A great group of KIDS!!! A Blessing!!!)

(Owen: Well.... Our daredevil at heart, a constant reminder of the willingness to take a risk! A blessing!)

( Dominck... God has used him to not be a replacement of the whole in our hearts from our lil' Ryan, whom we dearly miss... But as a reminder of the ambition, excitment and the "ornreiness" of a lil' guy who Owen can mentor!! A blessing...)

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