Monday, October 3, 2011


      Owen had to be seen by a dentist today.  He has an abcess, that needs an antibodic.  He needs two  root canals and will continue to get infections until the procedure is done.  We have no insurance, but lay this burden down at the foot of the cross!!!!
     Because of the appointment: Lyv, Owen and I suffered disappointment as we were not able to go on the Colorado trip with Mike and Kirk. Although,through sadness the waves of peace surround us and we are filled with blessings that have me completely overwhelmed and humbled.  I am reminded daily of God's timing and his perfect plan.  
    Mike and Kirk have the opportunity to spend father/son time,  to build a strong relationship that will be lasting memories.  As they spend the next few days in Estes, Colorado we will find our "special time" aswell..
      **********  Upcoming events************
Mike and I are hosting this weekends groups events
Mike and I are meeting with one of the board members, his wife, and  a couple who is in marriage
Mike and I will be watching the children of the Executive Director and his Wife as they go on a retreat

The 3 on 3 basketball tournament is Nov 20th

Please keep these events in your prayers!!!!
Thank YOU!!!

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