Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Thanksgiving!!!

Its amazing to think the holidays are amongst us....... 

An entire day goes by so fast
Before you know it's all in the past
No time to do things again if wrong
Just hope for the best and move along

This cycle goes on for ever and ever
And nothing we do to change the fever
Of moving along so very fast
Trying to make every penny while we last

Take the time to get on bended knee
Thank Him with a heart full of glee
Prayer, when compared to wealth and riches
Has more power to grant your wishes

Our family celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday together as a family.  This was the first Thanksgiving that we've had alone.  As we sat around, enjoying our Turkey and all the fixing's; we discussed how thankful we were for the blessings in our lives. 
Lyvvie: "I am thankful for friends and family"
Owen: "I am thankful for fun, friends and family"
Kirk: "I am thankful for food"
Mike: "I am thankful for this opportunity that God has put before us.  The new people we've met, the adventure, risk and challenges in life, and that we can experience this with my family with God's direction"
Me: "I am thankful for God's provision, protection and plans for us.  I am thankful that God chooses people who are not equipped, but equips those he chooses to do his will. I am thankful that God blesses us. I am thankful for my new friends here in Nebraska; who embrace us, support us and love us.  I am thankful for the friends and family back at home who love us and support us. I am thankful that we are all healthy....and" At this point, I was interrupted by the giggles, & laughter of the boys, and we began to EAT.
The weather was beautiful here, it was 68 degrees.  We played basketball, and then watched football!
Thanksgiving starts the holiday season.  We are all so busy with our every day lives, our schedules, our parties... etc. etc. What I realized this Thanksgiving is when you have the opportunity to enjoy memories and happiness with others such as family and friends,take the chance to do that... Isolation should never be a choice that someone makes, as it is lonely! If that means you must build a bridge between relationships to restore what is lost, then do it! Take ownership and responsibility for your actions. Don't let any more time pass, that enables you to miss out on the importance of life.. Which is RELATIONSHIPS!!!
Deut 6:5 "Love your neighbor as yourself"
This holiday season, consider those who are lonely, who are in need, or who need a friend. Remember there is a time for everything, a different season in life for everyone. 

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45; Acts 17:11; Matthew 20:28

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