Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 11, 12 &13!!!!! (ha.. ha..)

Okay Okay some may think this is cheating combining three days into my 30 day challenge; however I just spent 34 HOURS @ Camp this weekend putting on an Awesome 2012 Winter Camp..

Friday: Was a day of setting up, planning last minute details, practicing skits and first day of Camp
  Once the Campers got there the activities included: Mission Impossible, Sumo Ball, Chapel,
 Night Fire with Sm ore's
Saturday: Activities included: Human Knot, Obstacle Race, Making box sled's, team building challenges, Ice   Wall, Rock Wall, Zipline, Chapel, Dinner Theatre, Broom Ball tournament
Sunday: Chapel, Clean up, and announcing the 2012 Winners of Winter Camp (as we did a challenge all weekend long) last day of camp, sending campers home!

I had a blast having the opportunity to plan the programming for this event. I had amazing help and was under great direction of the director.  I have to say, I learned a lot from this experience! There is a lot of work that is involved with planning, and I find great joy to see the results of that work play out in the laughter, and smiles of the campers! This is a learning experience for me, all weekend long I continually saw how I could improve or do things differently. In time, and with practice and most importantly with Gods' help I will be able to achieve those goals.

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