Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 3!!

Well After today I should be living in the present with my POST'S!!!!
This is what I get for not updating on a regular basis......
In the last few weeks we have learned the following:
1)  We can survive the holidays no matter where you are, who you're not around, or what circumstances that you are in....

2)  No matter where you are; friendships make it better....

3) Bible Study, Bunco, Euchre, and Homeschooling seem to be my 4 favorite words.....

4) Simplicity=Stress Free

5) A family of 5 can really function with ONE (very loud) vehicle

6) Having dinner @ other peoples' house is a WHOLE lot better than cooking YOURSELF...
Thank You to those of you who have opened your homes for this occasion!!!

 7) Lastly, being in the arms of a heavenly father that gives his protection, comfort, peace and healing during difficult times= humbling!!!!! 

                                     By Susan L. Lenzkes
                                   SAYING GOODBYE

     "One of the most heartrending moments of life comes when close friends say good-bye, knowing that many mile swill separate them from their countless shared experiences.  Distance takes on the menacing look of an enemy when it dares to stand between such friends!
     Soon they will find themselves protective shields around the ache of separation.  They will feel themselves both courting and resisting the urge to clip those threads that bind their hearts in love. 
But discovery lies ahead. Real friendship is resilient. The very cords that make it strong-commitment, creativity, caring and sharing-are elastic, and friends can remain committed and even more creative in their long-distance sharing.
     Now cards and letters-stack able memories to be relived over a cup of coffee-will communicate love in indelible ink.  Now calls-where the value of every word, enhanced by the coming bill-will set precious priorities and release sentiment from the soul.  Anticipated visits will be far richer for their infrequency.  Thoughts and feelings long save and protected will be unlocked and shared.
     Best of all, a discovery will be made that hearts in harmony can just as easily carry a tune long-distance"

Here's to FINALLY closing a CHAPTER in my LIFE in OHIO! I will cherish every bit of the past, and fully engage in the future...... TO SILVER and GOLD!!!!!

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