Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcoming 2012!!!!!!

     I can not believe another year as passed! I remember starting last year, as I had just recovered from surgery. Three Months of suffering through agonizing pain to find out it was my gall bladder! With that behind me, we had different challenges to face.  Mike and I were feeling strongly about going into ministry, however it was so big we didn't know what it should look like! We began to pray and seek Godly wisdom.  Our prayer was for open doors, a willingness to be obedient, and spiritual discernment to know what God's WILL was for our lives. We were so uncertain at times, especially the closer it got to getting out of the boat WITH faith and walking on water IN faith.  The year 2011 called us away from our friends, family and what we called home.  It called us away from our possessions, our relationships and our comfort.  But most importantly it was an answer to our prayers; as God is using us to be a channel for him, to bring his name glory in all that we do, and is giving us an opportunity to learn and gain as much knowledge as we need to walk in a ministry that he is calling us to do! As I sit and ponder back at 2011 it was a season of waiting, a season of trusting, and a season of leaving.  I know full well that this new year is a season of learning for us.  We embrace the change, accept the challenge and Welcome the NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!!

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