Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 16!!!

"In our hurry to solve the crisis of the hour, we often fail to consider the long-range consequences of our short-term solutions" LizCurtisHiggs

This was a quote I came across in Bible Study today..... I have always struggled with control issues. At what point can we differentiate between the following words?
Control and Manipulation....
Confidence and Arrogance.....
Determination and Obsession.......

Control can be a plague... Even though our motives may seem clear to us they are not pure.  Often times the hardest situations can be with our children.  We want the best for them, and it is hard to see them become independent, making individual decisions based on their needs and wants.  As a mother my passion and legacy is to teach the Love of Christ to all three of my children and to teach them the virtues of trusting the Lord. Even if that means I lay down my control over their lives; in efforts for each of them and myself to follow Gods' control and his sovereignty.

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