Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 17!!!!

                                                   What a difference a day makes!!!

Co-op began after a two month long break; wonderful Conversations with the ladies there.  THIS is what I long for, and confident that others need the same thing.  We all desperately need some commodore when our daily life revolves around schedules, tasks, deadlines, projects and any other thing that pulls us into many directions; leaving us feeling exhausted.  We all need to be reassured that what we are doing, or not doing is understood because someone else has walked in our shoes.  We all need that sigh of relieve, after talking with others and knowing everything will be okay.  We all need that laughter that is so healing to the soul.  Lastly, we all need encouraged, enlighten, and inspired!!
This evening we enjoyed such wonderful fellowship as our very dear friends, whom we have created such a great and lasting bond came back from their two week vacation!!! Even better we played a quick game of euchre, and the best thing of all... I WON, along with my favorite partner (JOHN) hahaha....

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