Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 25 & 26!!!!!

                                                                Domestic Engineering!!!!

Degree: CEO of the Solmen Household
Qualification: negotiation, creativity, delegation, flexibility
Years Experience 16 years
Duties include but not limited too all of the following;
bookkeeper, accountant, master planner, personal shopper, childcare director, teacher, trainer, mechanic, scientist, cook, maid, laundress, appointment setter, negotiator, and civilization specialist.
Wages: Must work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no bonus, no pay, no vacation;  must be willing to feel overused and under appreciated most of the time.  Must appreciate each and every asset and be grateful for those most defining moments that will make this job description PRICELESS

                                        *********** I love being a MOM************

With every task that needed to be tackled yesterday I managed  to visit and have great fellowship w/ a good  friend in the afternoon ending in an evening spent learning to play a new game, PITCH, with another set of great friends!!!!!

Lyv participated in Bible quizzing through Awana.  She did an amazing job, of which I am extremely proud of her!! The leaders put in a lot of time and energy, as a result paid off because we did very well!!   A huge Thank YOU to those involved......

Why is it that the state of Nebraska labels their roads completely and utterly different than any other place Mike and I have ever been too in 15 years!!!????? It is so frustrating, every single time we venture somewhere new, in returning we get lost.... One would think that by simply reversing the directions it would get you back to where you came..... BUT NO, that is not how it is here; as a result causes havoc on this family who is trying to familiarize ourselves!!! ARGH......

Date NIGHT  tonight was sponsored by our church... They had Jeff Allen web casted,  with an amazing dinner.  The YOUTH served us, and did a fantastic job.  They are trying to raise money to go on their Missions trip to Chicago!!

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