Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 29!!!!


     Mike and I have been driving our van.  It is a faithful van; however due to the whole Mike put in it from trying to fix it that last time, it has a VERY VERY LOUD EXHAUST!!! We have been completely content because it is the only vehicle we have.  However, tonight I was pulled over due to the exhaust, the break lights are not working either (we were unaware of that) AND... Mike and I  have not transferred our Ohio license (which supposedly you only have 30 days!!)  It has simply just slipped my mind!! With that all said.. I was given a warning tonight... but given 5 DAYS to so proof, that I have taken care of the exhaust, lights and license. As you all know, we financially can not afford this...
We honestly need a new (ER) vehicle; one that's reliable and safe.... (OK this is safe... but one that's not LOUD)  and or that the Lord will supply the means for us to get our van fixed in FIVE DAYS!!
Thank YOU prayer warriors!!

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