Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good to GO!!!!

     Well after a week in bed (ugh.. what a waste of time) I am feeling 90% better!!! I do believe whatever I had; most likely the flu AGAIN, has settled into my chest!! But in time that will go away as well!!
Today I did several earands:
I ran Mike to school! Today is his last day, he  has his practicals and his written Finals! Then he will have to take his National Registry in the near furture....
I took Kirk to the Ortho for his consultation; praying that God will provide
Mailed my taxes to my FAVORITE CPA
Lastly went to have the Van inspected...... PRAYER WARRIORS WE ARE GOOD TO GO!!! 
With that said I am an official Nebraskian!!!
Boy does, it feel good to be up in running... (and by that I mean, moving) but boy am I exhausted already!! One step at a time to becoming a Healthier ME!!!

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