Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!!

     The last week has been a whirlwind, as always, leading up to a holiday event!!!! It has been such fun helping my friends this week.. My back has been cooperating with me, which has given me several wonderful days. 
The week allowed me to.......
 1) Make a paper mache tomb with a friend for Easter
2)  Help with a birthday party for a very special girl, (we even managed to get a couple rounds of euchre  in afterwards!!)
3) Throw an Easter Egg Hunt for our Co-op group following a brunch at our house.  The kids and I played games, did activities and prepared resurrection rolls to teach them the meaning of Easter.
4) Went to Camp and enjoyed the land, played the new game 9 square for hours- Which is totally AWESOME!!!!
5) Celebrated Easter @ Church and remembering this special day; That Christ has Risen!!!
6) Making Easter Dinner this afternoon..
7) Our family will deliver Easter Lillies to the shut-ins tomorrow Morning...
8) I get my injection tomorrow afternoon!!!! Please be praying around 2:45-3:00!!!

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  1. You will do great with the injection, I had my shoulder injected 2 weeks ago. It is not perfect ,but feels 90% better. Thanks for giving Shon and Angel a fun fun fun day yesterday! they had alot of fun all day, and Mark and I enjoyed ourselves as well. Thanks a bunch.