Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Have you ever wondered??

Have you ever wondered why things happened to certain people and not to you??
Have you ever wondered why people struggle more so than others?
Have you ever wondered why some people have more faith than others?
Have you ever wondered where God was?
Have you ever wondered if your cross was too heavy to carry?

Well I HAVE!! While pondering on these questions I am reminded of a story that was told at church years ago......

This is a story about a man who came complaining to the Lord, bringing a cross he was carrying. He said "Lord I am tired of carrying this heavy cross of mine. The burdens of life are too much and I am tired of bearing this big heavy load".

So the Lord took him to a door, opened it, and inside was a room full of crosses, large and small. Some were so big they reached up to the ceiling. The Lord said, "Just look around and pick out any cross you think you can bear."

The man searched and looked, but didn't see any he was willing to carry. He was about to give up when finally he spotted, in a far corner, a small cross standing alone. He said, "Lord, that is the cross I want" The Lord looked at him and said softly, "My son, that is the cross you just brought in!"

Sometimes we think that what were going through is too much for us to bear. We all have a cross to carry, but God is there to help strengthen us and won't allow more on us than we can bear.

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