Monday, April 2, 2012

Long overdue!!!!!

I realized last night that it had been a while since I last updated my blog!!!! So you are getting a buffet of information...

Update on things we've been involved with:
1)  I organized a field trip, with our Coop,  to the SAC museum.  We took 29 kids and 11 adults. The  kids learned about comets, asteroids, and meteors. They also experienced hands on activities.  It was a great group and we had a lot of fun!!
2) Mike passed his EMT National Registry and officially is an EMT!!! He most likely will not practice outside of camp; however, it will be beneficial during camp season and to keep our door of opportunity open!!
3) Kirk started his ART classes, after a long, anticipated wait!! The class he originally was going to take back in Feb/March was overbooked. Due to the fact it was on the same day as Co-op, we opted out. Therefore he will be doing most of his art classes this summer. He is attending Joslyn Art Museum currently for a graffiti class.  In June, he will attend an Art Camp on charcoal drawing with Hidden Acres School, and this fall he and Lyvvie are enrolled to do a 24 week art class!!!
4) Lyv and I hosted a Mother/Daughter Bunco, game night, in OUR PJ'S!!!! We had 21 amazing mommies/daughters show up for this event!! We awarded many prizes and had a look a like contest as well... What a wonderful evening!!!
5) Camp is gearing up and making preparations for summer camp. Mike is excited as he has a lot of work to do.. A few months ago during a winter storm the pool house to the camp lost its roof. So Mike and the boys did a lot of work to help out with that.  Kirk has been a wonderful partner for Mike.  They have spent a lot of hours not only working but creating a bond.  The bathrooms to the camp are being remodeled amongst other little jobs that Mike has his hand in.
6) Mike started a service project with the high school kids of the co-op. We were able to find someone who was willing to allow him the opportunity to teach the kids, allowing them to get hands on experience.  The kids took two weeks, and did a great job!
7) There is a month left of school.  We are working diligently to accomplish our goals.  The kids will take their state assessment test April 14th & 21st in Omaha.  The kids need your prayers to help them with this test!!!
(Inside JOKE!!)
 8) I attended a city wide bible study with Beth Moore on the study of James... this will be my next blog as it will be equally long!!
9) I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing several women together in various groups.  Laughter is truly the best medicine and we have shared in "much medicine"

1) We are still awaiting approval for the injection for my back. I haven't been able to fully return to my normal activities which is wearing on me.. I continue to pray for healing, and quick relieve and ask that you continue to join me?
2) Like I mentioned State testing is April 14th & 21st for all three kids.
3) I will be attending my first Homeschooling Convention          April 27 & 28th.
4) Preparation for Summer Camp.  I am currently working on "policy and procedure rules" for Snack Shack; along with creating a menu and looking into prices. 
5) We will be visiting, OHIO, May 12th-21st! The kids will stay till May 30th. WE are looking forward to seeing friends & family!!

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  1. So excited to be back in touch with you and hear the wonderful things God has done in your lives. Jay and I will keep ya'll in our prayers and please do the same for us! Much love to ya'll!!