Saturday, April 21, 2012

Series of updates....

Summer is approaching quickly! It's hard to believe we have been here 9 months already.  Because of my back, I haven't been as involved as I would have liked so it has felt really good to be back @ camp!! This weekend we had a group of nearly 200. The 11 hour shift today is just a reminder of what's to come; as are excited and anticipating an eventful summer.  All three kids have been registered to attend their own camp.  It will be nice for them to have fun and socialize with peers their own age.
Amongst the many projects Mike has done around camp:
he has finished the pool roof (from the wind storm)
 remodeled the girls bathroom
completed the work of the dining hall 
 built a temporary cover for the shop (to cover vehicles through the winter)
started to lay carpet in the bunk houses
touch up and finish in the two lodges

Projects to be completed are:
painting the bottom of the pool
filling the pool
Mike is going to attend a class to read levels and  adjust chemicals for the pool 
build a "screen in movable" room for various purposes
lots of miscellaneous projects as well

Mike loves when he is productive; he has loved the busyness.  But nothing is compared to what will come.  We are embracing the excitement and pray that God will show up in a mighty way!!!

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