Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our family will be reunited!!!

Well after 10 days of being away from the children, they finally are coming home! I can't believe how quickly the time really went.  I was overcome with discouragement all day today as I realized there was a lot of things that I didn't accomplish.  I found no time to rest, which was crucial prior to the start of summer camp! As I worked alone in the snack shack I found rest in the presence of God, which I needed badly...I am so glad our family will be reunited, however not all family members feel this way..
Sadly I must confess that my son and I's relationship has slowly grown apart.. This brings tears to my eyes as I type this now. I am broken about it but have tried to justify or minimize what truly is going on.  I know he is a teenager but he still carries a lot of resentment from being "uprooted" I really thought his visit back to Ohio would help; but I'm not too sure of that now! I need your prayers.. Please pray specifically that he will open up and be willing to share his feelings.  Pray that he will find refuge in Gods arms.  He struggles with transition and adjustments even if it is better for him, he gets "stuck" in a place and shuts his heart off to possibilities and opportunities.  I pray that Gods hand will be upon him and his heart will be soften and our relationship will heal. Pray that I will respect and validate his feelings. Help me to have an understanding of what he is going through pray for wisdom so I know the right words to say and pray for my actions..

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