Sunday, June 24, 2012

2nd week of camp!! (and being comfortable)

We finished another milestone at camp!! Last week was the 5th and 6th graders...
Lyv went to camp and had so much fun.  Watching her, reminded me of my younger days and how I longed for summer to get here, as I would spend the week @ camp.. I loved camp! She was in a cabin of 12 girls.  She did not know any of them but by the end of the week built some friendships. I met my best girlfriend of 20+ years (already.. wow!!) at church camp.. It was amazing to watch some of the transformation in these young kids lives!!!!

I'm starting to get comfortable in what we are doing.. But we must be careful with comfortably; it's in our comfort we begin to take our focus off of God and rely on our own strength. Comfort and peace are great blessing from the Lord. However, sometimes comfort can be a stumbling  block. We can become weak and dependent upon our routine and life by trusting in the securities of life instead of the Lord. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, as long as we are still dependent upon Christ. 
For example, I can get so caught up in my daily routine that I can often forget to put God first and in the center of my life.  I can also get caught up in living my life by showing the fruits of Christ but not sharing my faith. What about you? Do you get so comfortable in your faith in Christ that you go to church, pray when a need arises, enjoy life, tithe occasionally, let pastors and missionaries do the hard spiritual work???  In this mode, the call of God to make disciples of every nation is a faith whisper that if listened to, can only cause inconvenience and a disruption of Christian comforts.....
I have to admit I used to think that since I accepted Christ as my personal savior all I had to do is "show" people the fruits of the spirit. Afterall, anything more that that would just simply be uncomfortable.  I'm sure I've mentioned this in an earlier blog, but it has made such an impact on me I want to share it again.. I was ready the "Life that Matters" by Ron Hutchcraft. He was talking about the tragedy of  the Titanic and how the "unsinkable ship" sunk.. But the real tragedy wasn't that the boat sunk, it was that there were only 20 lifeboats (less than half of what should have been there for that size of boat) and the people who made it in those boats rowed right passed those in the frozen water. Why?  Because they were safe, they were comfortable, they did not want to risk their own lives once saved to save another!!! Compare that to our spiritual lifeboat.. Once we have accepted the love of Christ and have made that personal choice to follow him we are no longer sinking but have gotten inside a life boat.  There are unsaved loved ones all around us crying out for help!!!
What are we doing to help?
Our lives are full of instant gratification to make our lives more comfortable. We are truly blessed, but those blessings can be curses if they weaken our desires to live for God and reach the lost.  Faith is not only "saying" but it is also "doing" It is living missional lives in such a way we are loving others, serving others, praying for others, showing hospitality to others.  We are to take our lifeboats, turn them around and reach out to those that are sinking. Even if it means we are to get our of our comfort zones and do more than just show people how to live a life of faith.
I've been doing a lot of pondering on what is right for us as far as church goes. WE miss our old church a lot. We get in the rut of going through the motions of Sunday routine without researching or seeking direction from God.  But it isn't about me, and what is right.  In fact, we have so many churches in America that we are guaranteed we can find one to suit any whim or preference. Unfortunately, the messages that are pleasant and don't make our hearts ache for the lost or for the Lord are often times the ones we want to attend.. It's about being comfortable! Or is it? God sometimes allows trials and tribulations in our live sin order to get us to look to him. Struggle tends to strengthen faith because in struggle we turn to God. When we turn to him we seem to be more aware of the ungodliness and the need for others to be saved.  We are more concerned for the lost-because HE is.  Distractions are all around us, and we can get distracted from the calling of God. Its more than just attending church once a week, and reading your bible occasionally.  It's about taking the time out of your comfort level to see the God given moments; to reach out to the hurt, the lost, the dieing. It's about taking risks actively seeking God and having him show you weather or not your comfort is a good thing or not so much. Are you being used right now in a way that brings him glory?  Are you allowing Christ to shape you; as he is the potter and we are the clay. His precious hand molds us and shapes us into what He wants to make from our lives.  The question is
 Are you Comfortable?
"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, 3knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. 4And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing,"
                                                                      (James 1:2-4)

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