Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Protection and Provision!!!!

So  I was thinking.... I wonder how many times God has protected us without us knowing? I wonder, when we get to heaven, will we stand there in disbelief of all the things God did NOT ALLOW us to go through because of his protection??

Then I wondered how provision goes along with protection, and how many blessings we have had provided to us in the form of protection???

  • the activity of supplying or providing something
The noun PROTECTION has 7 senses:
1. the activity of protecting someone or something
2. a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury
3. defense against financial failure; financial independence
4. the condition of being protected
5. kindly endorsement and guidance
6. the imposition of duties or quotas on imports in order to protect domestic industry against foreign competition
7. payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence

I was reading about Abraham and Isaac this morning.  In Genesis 22:1-19 God told Abraham to sacrifice is one and only son.  Abraham was a man of faith and believed that God would send his provision and protection.. In fact, in Genesis 22:5 it says "WE will worship and the WE will come back" WOW... Here was a man who waited 100 years to have his prayers answered and then shortly thereafter God is calling him out to see if he would put his faith and trust in him.  I couldn't even think about hurting my kids intentionally much less sacrificing them!!! However, Abraham couldn't either, and he knew God wouldn't as well.. It was a test of obedience, he had so much faith to believe that God would provide for him!!!!

The LORD will PROVIDE....(Jehovah Jireh) 
So in our devotion book we are to list things that God has provided for us. This is where I began to ponder and reflect over the questions..

I get so caught up in being "busy" that I often times forget the God moments in my life....

I found this poem in my bible today as I was reading
From morning until night I am busy.
Surely all this motion is getting me somewhere, isn't it?
What an indefinite term! Where am I going?
Am I any closer to being there than I was yesterday?
I don't know...
Ive been so busy going, I haven't thought about where...
Of course, I know, I want to know God,
as He is revealed in Jesus Christ

Are we taking the time to reflect on his blessings over our lives, even if that means it comes in the form of protection???

Here's another question for....
What if Jesus was "providing you TIME in the form of an unanswered prayer???
In our moments of waiting on God we develop a relationship with him.  We live in a world today that is cultivated by instant gratification, and we seldom learn nothing about the situation.  God desires a relationship with us, not in the form of saying you have faith but in acting upon it.  The only way to develop a relationship is to walk and talk with God and to reflect on the promises that he gives us.  Its funny because I often skip the "list making" when asked to do so, however I think its important to remember how God provides for us, or does not provide if its in the form of protection!!
I am guilty of wanting my prayers answered right away, but when we have the mind set of wanting something right away, it often becomes what WE want and not want God wants.

  I challenge you today to take the time to think about the Provision and protection God has provided in your life... And feel free to share your list with me as I will be sharing mine with you!!

1) God entrusted 3 Beautiful Children in my life
2) God took away 2
3) God sent me a wonderful husband of 16 1/2 years
4) God allowed me to walk in the valley of loneliness and brokenness for 13 of those years, to restore it to its fullest in his timing!! (amen to this!!)
5) God put me through the worst storm of my life
6) God sent his provision and protection through the storm
7) God is showing me healing and forgiveness
8) God protected Mike through is accident
9) God allowed me to go through excruciating pain in my back (for many, many years)
10) God is healing my back
11) God showed us that he wanted us to be used as a channel for him
12)God provides wisdom to remain in his Will
13) God continuously allows us to deal with vehicle problems... (which we are still trying to figure out the lesson on this one.....) Thank you God anyways!!
14) God has provided a wonderful nephew of which I had the privilege of being a huge part of his life the first two years of His life
15) God provided open doors
16) God knows what I can handle and protected me from the things he knew I would not be able to.. I may never know all the protection he has saved me from, however I do know that I want to continue a relationship even in the valleys of life, the storms of life, in the rain and in the sun and even in the mountains of life!!!!!

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