Sunday, August 5, 2012

Love being a HSSAHM!!

As we are preparing for another year of homeschooling, I have taken the liberty to do some research. For some reason this second year has me thinking of the way I did things last year, and how I can change and do things better.

I am reading a couple of books, and would love to share with you some of the things that I have chosen to believe for me and my children and family!!

Accomplishing what is important in homeschooling, child-raising, housekeeping, ministry, & marriage means overcoming obstacles.  God is just waiting to be asked to intervene with His miraculous abilities and new ideas. Plan to spend time alone with God each day to nourish your soul and soothe your spirit.  Then, with your husband, pray for God's protection and guidance to set each days course aloft with His direction and blessing. My husband is my umbrella of protection, and as long as I stay under his authority, I will not get "soaked": overburdened once again by the tyranny of the urgent! I want my husbands' heart to safely trust in me (Prov. 31:11)

While I was reading "100 Top Picks" I learned the diversity in learning styles of each of the children. When I first was called into homeschooling I had such anxiety over making sure I was providing the "right education" for the kids.  I stuck to workbooks and strict schedules not taking into consideration of the individuality of each of my children.  I have grown in understanding of the ways in which each of my children learns and as we allow their natural interests to guide us. Opportunities abound, and the homeschooling lifestyle just seems to be cut out for the spontaneity.  Be flexible. Rigid schedules can spoil some of the best chances to live in the abundance homeschooling has to offer. God is faithful to set up unique learning opportunities.

Simplify life-Don't let outside responsibilities gradually crowd your life causing you to resort to dull, lifeless work which strangles the very heart of homeschooling; which is the freedom to enjoy the development of your own families unique learning styles. Make sure you have adequate time to provide time for mothering, teaching, and creativity

Match your strengths and weaknesses

God promises his blessings

Don't become a slave to all those workbooks

Don't sacrifice character or relationships for what we think education needs to be

Again, as I begin to prepare for another year of homeschooling; rest assured I will have fears, doubts and anxiety; however I have peace knowing I am ready to stop comparing my family and children with other families and they "curriculum" they choose.  I have the confidence to know that we are stepping out and doing some things a little different this year, but I am so excited to see how this year will unfold!!!

                                               WE LEARN NOT FOR SCHOOL,
                                                            BUT FOR LIFE.

                        LOVE BEING A HOME SCHOOL, STAY AT HOME MOM!!!!

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