Thursday, August 16, 2012

My house is Your house!!!!

              "Nuestro casa esta su casa"

My house was mixed with chaos and love yesterday as it was filled with many different activities...

It started out being a day that I had set aside to finish organizing and planning my home school year. I ended up sleeping in and missing my appointment that I had set to consult with the community college for Kirk. Once I had gotten ahold of them and rescheduled, I was determined to get some things accomplished. I was filling in my lesson plans, researching, and implementing some extra hands on activities, planning our field trips, looking up ideas for electives for our high school and middle school co-op (of which I have GREAT IDEAS NOW...)   I began to download the S.O.S curriculum that Kirk will be using for two of his subjects.  Because I am computer illiterate, I was having a great deal of difficulty. A friend of mine came over to help address an "computer issue" for me.. As we waited for my computer to start working, we were able to get a wonderful conversation in. Needless to say three hours later, I had achieved the download process, set up his plans, created our school year calender and did a few other administration things and was on my way.
Next, my son decided he wanted to go to the "Y" with some of his friends.  So I played taxi service to meet his needs and his friends. I was very happy to do this as the summer had different priorities; I was not able to do so on various different occasions (anytime I am in the car, it give me a chance to listen to worship music.. Oh yeah)
After many distractions, I was on my way to accomplish what I set out to do..and I continued.  For all who know me though, that is not an easy task for me.. Once I have lost focus it takes me awhile to get back on track. Which would explain why I have a cart full on and still have not finished my order.
Once Owen returned from the YMCA the kids felt as if they needed to have some friends over... Which is completely fine with me, after all I had a task to finish. But once my friend came over to drop the kids off, I realized how much I myself wanted to talk and talking was way more important then doing paper work.... right?
Then, a different friend dropped off books that I needed for Lyvvie's reading comprehension, that I had previously scheduled. She and her three girls added to the mix and
Five girls, and Three Mommas felt it was more important to dance, do cartwheels, trust fall, bottom box, (you would have to be here) laugh, carry-on and have a great time till well past 10:00!!
Yesterday was a perfect example of what God is calling me to do!! I am so grateful for the the gift of hospitality and love every minute of it! I am truly blessed when I get to exercise this gift. I pray my home is always welcoming; a home filled with laughter, peace, comfort & Yes even chaos.. Because in the chaos comes something better then I could even plan, prepare or organize...... It may of been a day that was going to go one way... BUT, went a way that God had intended for it to go, and there is no better way!!

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