Friday, September 7, 2012

New Year!!!


                    The second year of Home school is in full swing; and YES I am overwhelmed!! 
                                                            (In a good way, however)



Trying to transition into schedules, learning how to prioritize, and accomplish the days without distractions.  I completely love the challenges that have been set forth.  I have several new goals this year:

*No entering into the technology world during school hours

*School hours 8:00-1:00 (as much as possible) (We are still trying to achieve this goal-Know this friends, we have been done everyday before the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!)

*Concrete daily schedule to alleviate long transitions

*Siblings help each other this year

*Complete all assignments and task including grades by Friday (struggling with this one!!)

*Completion of curriculum is far more important than MY HOURS this year!! (and trust me we have a lot to accomplish!!) (I just couldn't help myself on this one again this year)

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