Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 11 of Thankfulness!!!!!!!

I am thankful for a VERY special person in MY LIFE!!!!!!!

I remember when I was small... You used to take care of me!! As we grew you were our "favorite aunt" I loved to stay at your house as you made me feel important and special!! I used to call your work and ask If I could Please speak to "Naunie"
How funny this is now.... to know I called a professional work place and ask for you by your most important name!! (hahahaha)
I remember when you would come over to visit; how I wanted to go with you so I would cling on to your leg.... I remember having and attitude and you "beating my butt" all the way up the stairs.... I remember you helping me when I was sad, happy, or scared...I remember staying at your house the night before my wedding you were so selfless and gave and gave and gave.... It was late into the night and you still had rigatoni to make... I remember you stirring the food and the red sauce fell on your white carpet!! I would like to say I don't remember the choice words you said, but I remember. I remember you standing by my side as Mike and I became ONE. I remember all that you did for us on that special day... I remember you spoiling my kids and becoming their favorite aunt...I remember you helping me when I was sick with strep throat, with such high fever I couldn't get out of bed........ I remember when my world shook and the very bottom of it was pulled from under us.. how you deeply hurt with us and carried our emotional scars as well... I remember when you shared with me the deep desire to have a child...I remember you doing a magic trick on Easter to tell the family you were expecting. I remember you asking me if I would help watch your child... I remember you finding out your child was a boy.... I remember watching you and Steve become parents for the first time... and sharing that joy with you.... I remember watching Ryan and being a close part of his life for his first two years.... I remember him having me wrapped around his little finger... I remember the bond this created..... I no longer could call you my aunt, as you were much closer to me than an aunt.... You were my sister!!! I remember the fun times we have shared.. I remember the sad times.... I remember telling you that we had to move away.... I remember your love for us, it was all you could do... I remember you taking us in and allowing us to stay with you during the transition of moving... I remember the ache and the pain I felt as we drove away.... I remember my love for you as we are now hundreds of miles away... I remember this special person in my life...That person is YOU!!! I love you for who you are, the impact you have had on my life and memories we share...Even though we are miles apart, each and every day you are close to my

Here's to my sister
Remember every day No matter what I've said Here's what I'd like to say I will always love you Be with you till the end When no one else is around I will be your friend I love my sister and I always will I'm proud to be your sister that's how I feel Even though we're far away And the miles keep us apart I'm gonna whisper I love my sister And you'll hear it in your heart

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