Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 13 of Thankfulness!!!!

It's the simple things in life that mean the most, and it's the simple things that will make the big things seem bigger.

The other day was my daughter's 12th Birthday.... I was bummed considering we were not able to get her anything BIG for her birthday.  I have always gone over bored with the kids' birthdays but last few years I have really had to scale back.
I explained to her that she would pick out her favorite meal and that I would make a cake and have ice cream.  While we were at the store picking up our ingredients the boys saw that her favorite movie was on sale.  They asked if we could get it for her?
I was thinking in the terms of BIG for her and didn't think we could manage but yet the movie didn't seem so overwhelming...  We hid it with our ingredients so that she could be surprised and off we went.  We had a staff meeting prior to our "celebratory dinner" and the boys had band practice.  Mike had informed me that he had gotten her a card and threw in his spare change that he had in his pocket.  Once all of our commitments were out of the way we sat down and ate dinner together, gave her the card, and surprised her with the movie.  In addition to the card we finally allowed her to have a face book (which she has wanted for TWO years) Oh, she was so excited when her daddy told her she could have face book... We sat together and watched her movie, sang happy birthday to her-she blew out her candles, ate cake and ice cream.  

The evening ended up being so delightful and I realized...

I am Thankful for the SIMPLE things in LIFE!!!!!!    


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