Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 7,8,9,&10 of Thankfulness!!!!!!

http://www.buriedwithchildren.com/thankful/I went to a scrap-booking retreat over the weekend; was unable to blog, however I realized that these days are some of the reasons we should be, and I am, thankful.......                                            

Time: I am thankful for the time that can be spent retreating away from the busy life style and the monotony of every day life.... Even Jesus, himself would retreat and find time for rest and reflection..".After a busy day of ministry in the region of the Sea of Galilee, He retreated. Matthew 14:23 tells us that “when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there.” Alone in the presence of the Father." It is important to get away and regroup before you make meaningful forward progress.  This is particularly true in our RELATIONSHIP with God.....
Rest: This comes hard for me as I have a difficult time "sitting still, being still... actually doing anything with the word "still" in it!!!  In this fast-paced, world we live in it's easy to wear ourselves down. But in our passion to pursue a relationship with Christ and to be an effective servant for him, we must take the time to consistently "rest" especially in the presence of God.  The scrapbook retreat was not a formal retreat to reflect on my relationship with Christ, but informal.  I spent time in the word, which was much needed.  The other thing that was much needed was "SELF" time. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE serving others and being about God's business but I will not have the strength to do this if I don't take the time to be energized, refreshed and renewed. 
To face life’s many challenges
And overcome each test,
The Lord tells us to take the time
To stop. To pray. To rest. —Sper

Refreshed: As I pulled at my bible Saturday morning to spend some personal time with the Lord; I asked the question I ask Many, many times before.... "GOD why am I sooo  tired... I feel exhausted, I am drained... I feel as If I have nothing left to give......"  In the soft, gentle whisper that gives us the assurance of his adoration for us.... He simply whispered..... "whose strength have you been relying on????"  UGH!!! I knew the answer as this was the FIRST time ALL week I had pulled my bible out!!!  Last week I had relied on my strength as I was far TOO BUSY to stop, pray and rest!!! Even as I type this I say "WHAT?" sounds crazy, but O so true..  If we DON"T prioritize our time and put our divine almighty God first; so that he can order our steps to be obedient to his will, we will burn out EVERY TIME!!!!!!! Only in the refreshing of HIS strength will we find the resources to move forward in our service for Him..... 

Reflection: This week I spent more time reflecting, and reminiscing over the past. As I pulled pictures out to work with... Oh the memories; some brought a since of sadness as I longed for things to have been different.  Some were happy memories as I remembered the joys of my life; and yet others brought humorous memories, especially looking back and realizing that I do not have the gift of photography even though I pretend I do... Oh to go down memory lane!! What a joy this is to have had the opportunity to reflect on my life and remember where I was, where I'm at right now, and where I'm going!!! 

Laughter: This is a favorite of mine.. Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh!!! Laughter is truly the best medicine...

So as I look over this past weekend I am THANKFUL for TIME; time to rest, time to be refreshed, time to reflect, time to laugh and time to retreat!!!!!!!

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