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I had the privilege of going to a women's conference this past weekend and WOW did I need it.
I think it is imperative to retreat from our everyday lives to fill back up when our cup is empty!!
Its just so easy to get caught up in the every day motions of life we fail to realize that there is a more important part of life and that is LIVING IT! We merely do not live life by living the same monotonous routine day in and day out without reaching out for the strength of God.  What we pour out is what is pour into our lives.  How can we give anything if we have nothing left to give??

To live in God's presence and to rely on His promises are so refreshing.. but we must take the required steps in order to experience these precious gifts!!

My eyes have been opened to realize that, I myself, need that reminder  and need to be filled with the overflowing love that only comes from God's grace, His restoration and His peace.  At the end of the day I want My God to whisper to His daughter... Well done MY good and faithful servant!!

One of the many things that was spoken into my soul this weekend was this:
If you spend so much time doing the things that DEPLETE you of your energy; the things that you should say NO to... you are doing the following things..
1) You are wasting your talents on things you should be saying YES to...
2) You are NOT giving the PERSON that NEEDS to be there the OPPORTUNITY
3) You are acting on YOUR own Strength instead of Gods by not praying about the situation and seeking his direction and wisdom

  We must fulfill our commitments that we are involved with; however if our lives are not aligned with Gods' word and His WILL for our lives its time to self reflect and see what God wants us to give up.  Somewhere along the way it becomes completely simple to pick up other burdens and carry them even though they aren't part of the plan that he had laid before us....

I STRUGGLE with SELF REFLECTION.. I used to think that I was selfish if I was Taking the time to think of myself.. However  it is VITAL for us to take the time to find out how we are made up in order to understand our strengths/weaknesses.  Through God's love and wisdom we can change to better serve him!!

While at the conference I felt God really speaking to me that it was TIME FOR ME TO RETREAT and get to know WHO I AM? And what MY PURPOSE IS?? We discussed a few things that would be completely beneficial; such as finding what your temperament is? What your spiritual gifts are? What is your LOVE Language?  If you have never done a temperament/personality test I encourage and challenge you to do so.....

Basic Overview of the Temperaments
SANGUINE- Warm, buoyant, lively and enjoys life. Feelings dominate his decisions. Enjoys people and is never at a loss for words. Makes friends easily. (Extrovert)
CHOLERIC- Hot, quick, active, practical, and strong-willed. Self-sufficient and very independent. Is decisive and opinionated. Often succeeds where others fail. (Extrovert)
MELANCHOLIC: Richest of all the temperaments. He/she is analytical, self-sacrificing, gifted, perfectionist, and very sensitive. By nature an introvert, but shows a variety of moods. (Introvert)
PHLEGMATIC: Calm, cool, slow, and easy going. Doesn't get upset easily, has a very high boiling point. Enjoys people. Tends to be a spectator watching others. Has a good retentive mind. (Introvert)

Product DetailsProduct DetailsTransforming Your Temperament

In the upcoming week I personally will accept my challenge!!! I will retreat to DIVE into the WORD of GOD, I will take these personality tests and find my place in Him, I will pray for direction and wisdom to rearrange my priorities and see where God is calling us and most importantly ME right now!!  I look forward to this time and eager to find out WHO I AM!!!!

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