Tuesday, February 12, 2013


                         Candy and soda Bouquets. So much fun to make and receive.

                                    What do these three things have in common????? 

Okay so those who know me know that a staple in my house is coffee.  I may run out of creamer and have been known to ask a friend to bring some a time or two.. but coffee we do not run out of.... UNTIL TODAY!! As I was transitioning from school to preparing to make the pinatas and prizes I noticed I was out of coffee.....  

I called a friend of mine who was on her way over to help with the pop bouquets and asked if she could bring some..... So she brought the coffee... My other friend brought the candy.. And what we accomplished today was beautiful pop bouquets which I really believe we could sell as a fundraiser ladies!!! Just sayn'

OH I am sooo tired!!! But the joy it brings my soul to be in fellowship with women whom I dearly love and appreciate is so rewarding....

I have to say I have had more help planning this party then I have had in a long time thanks to a DEAR FRIEND of mine who suggested I learn to delegate a little more.....

Then after the "afternoon crew" left... The evening was topped of enjoying yet another cup of coffee and finishing final touches up with a friend to whom I have not shared coffee with in a LONG WHILE!! It is always nice to get caught back up!!!

So my body aches.. my eyes heart and my mind if left wandering what else needs to be done?  But as I ponder on the day; an unexpected dilemma, a surprise phone call, a difficult homework assignment, all things not really "penciled" into the schedule.....leaving me to feel a little off task.  It did not go exactly how I intended it to go but it went according to the way it needed to go!

Here's to CRAZY DAY TWO of this crazy, insane busy WEEK!!!!

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