Monday, February 11, 2013


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We can successfully chalk today up as a productive day.....  I woke up a little before 7:00 and hit the day a running!! With the TEENS Valentines Party planned on Thursday and the Co-op's Valentines' Party on Friday I have a lot to prepare....

Friends of mine came over to prepare the games and decorations for the Sock Hop this Friday. I love planning parties for many reasons... One I love doing it; I love to feel productive and seeing parties all come together is so fulfilling..Two It brings friends together and the enjoyment of friendship over working towards the goal is also rewarding and makes memories that are lasting.

I must confess years ago I would get completely overwhelmed when doing such activities and choose to pick the planning and organizing over my other priorities.. Now, as I work on a balance of priorities the challenge of remembering God daily and maintaining the home comes first and for most.  It really helps to keep the focus where it needs to be.. I always give wholeheartedly when planning parties!!!

A Valentine like no other!Not to mention a week ago I was laid up for a week due to the flu so school work, duties, and such has gotten behind.  I do not stress out so much.  I really do appreciate my children! Even though I was sick in bed all last week the kids got up daily and continued to do their work without being told.... NOW, I must do MY WORK and GRADE all their papers so I can see what needs worked on.. but that will have to wait another week as this week is V-WEEK.. is what I am referring to it all week.. 

So tomorrow will consist of finishing the pinata and prize bouquets!! I have another few friends lined up to help with this task so another eventful day planned... Let's just hope tomorrow goes as well as today since  Wednesday I have Study Group... Thursday is ART school, band practice and The Teens Party and Friday is the Sock HOP!!

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