Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The engine who could!!

Right about now I am feeling like the ENGINE WHO COULD!!! I am running on fumes and yet have two more days to go of this crazy week.....
I didn't really do much for the parties but I had normal Wednesday Activities to do.  I love our study group; we do a lot of fun things.. The girls were given a test on the capitals and states of the East coast along with the postal abbreviations.. I, myself, took the test and the kids thought it was funny that I missed TWO!!!! After we did states and capitals we did our Geography Bowl & then our flash cards. The moms haven't gotten together in two weeks so we were desperately trying to squeeze in conversations as well!!!
After gymnastics we dropped the kids off at youth group and joined our other members of the DDD club for our meeting.. Let's just say some meetings are more interesting than others with a few more laughs... Laughter is truly the best medicine!!!
I must say this is the first time in a very long time that I will be going to bed before 11.. I really am trying to take a proactive approach to not getting sick as much.. 

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