Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where you go...... We will go!!!

Where you go, I'll go

Where you stay, I'll stay

When you move, I'll move

I will follow...

All your ways are good

All your ways are sure

I will trust in you alone

Higher than my sight

High above my life

I will trust in you alone

Who you love, I'll love

How you serve I'll serve

If this life I lose, I will follow you
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"Chris Tomlin"

      A couple of months ago an opportunity came up for Mike to apply for a directors position.  We prayed about it and applied.. Then we waited.  The one thing I have learned about this is that there is a process that requires a great deal of waiting!! Several weeks ago we asked many of our prayer partners to pray for our family in regards to this decision we would be making. We also asked that the board of directors of this camp would have spiritual discernment and wisdom for the decision they had to make. 
    There were several reasons why I thought it would be wonderful to take the position.  On the other hand there were many reasons why I thought it would be best for us to stay here for a little while longer.   I guess this is the reason decisions are not left up to us.. We can be completely indecisive at times.  No matter what the outcome; Mike and I had made a decision to be obedient and willing to do what God was leading us to do...
    Tonight we learned that the answer to our prayers is for the Lord to shut the door on that directors position.  We are humbled and blessed because we know that the perfect leaders position is out there for us, it is all about God's perfect timing.  We have been in a learning season now for two years.  I do believe there are other things that is important for us to learn to step into a position of leadership.  Again, God's timing is perfect.  Left up to us to decide I think we would base the outcome of whether or not we would be ready on fear and anxiety. I think we will constantly be learning and when the time comes and the doors opens for the right opportunity.. Our family will FOLLOW!!

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