Saturday, June 1, 2013



Right now I feel as if my days are filled with the endless battle and challenge of the game "Tug-of-War" 

As we transition from ending school, study group, Co-op, finishing paper work to Family Camp & now summer camp; I simply need reminded that this is where we are right now.  As everyone else is preparing for the lazy part of summer, we are gearing up for the hardest part of our ministry. Transition leaves us feeling pulled in all different directions at times!! Adjusting to the long days and work load is exhausting,  Juggling commitments as I'm trying to learn my new role, struggling to find the balance... Also, feeling sad as I make this transition of putting what we have been called to do first and for most over the beautiful friendships, knowing we have so little time with them. 
But God knows my heart.. He knows that it's in my weakness he is strong...
"Lord, help me to feel your indescribable joy that you often let me experience.  Help me to have a new depth of spiritual understanding and vision, help me to trust you"!!


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