Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weakness is all I have to offer!!

     I never thought a 12 hour day would be a "short day"  but I am so glad we are home by 730 p.m. tonight.  The camp made it through the first Mini Camp yesterday and the little overnighter kids came first thing this morning!
     The best part of working "behind the scenes" is watching all the counselors interact with the each and every kid.  One of the counselors tonight came into the office to mention that God had already answered a prayer but not in the way he expected!!
     That is how God works... Gods ways are NOT our ways, His thoughts are NOT our thoughts.. and His timing is definitely NOT our timing! I admired the sensitivity and the vulnerability this counselor displayed... As the counselor left the office my advice was to allow the emotions to be used as an example.  That we never know who may need what we have to offer no matter what it is!!  At that, the counselor thanked me, smiled and left! Oh,  how wonderful it is to be able to encourage and uplift the counselors which is a role I've taken on not voluntarily but can see how I find great joy in it.
     Thinking of my own advice; It is too easy to hide how we truly feel.  But what if my weakness; despite thinking I have nothing left to give, is all that is needed?
     In our weakness and vulnerability is when God can use us the most; this is when we trust and rely on His strength to carry us through. The purpose is to develop character that produces HOPE....
I have really struggled lately... I feel very weak! Last year I was overjoyed and super excited when camp first started. This year I feel as if God has different plans. But.... I'm not sure what exactly the plans are. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to see the excitement on the kids and watch the transformation that goes on in the lives of campers and counselors. But I am expecting great things.. We get in such a habit of wanting things NOW! Sometimes the answers don't always come when we hope they will. But on the other hand the answer to our problems isn't necessarily what God is looking for!  God wants our hearts and if that means we have to go through a season of waiting for Him to get it, well then that is what we will go through. 
My prayer is to have a spiritual renewal and vision. I am clinging on to his promises right now, having nothing more than weakness to offer!!

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