Saturday, August 17, 2013

Retreat Season....

                                                                   Retreat Season

   Summer camp is over but it doesn't mean our busy time is... We have had a lot of people ask what are schedule looks like so I thought I would share it!

May/June- preparations for summer camp/staff training
June/July- Summer camp/the Heart of Summer
August/September- transition into retreat season

During the summer months we have no time for anything as we invest 13-15 hours daily @ camp.  We have Saturdays off but that day is filled with catching up on sleep, laundry, cleaning, errands.. etc. etc.
Then the transition comes... End of July we end Summer camp on a Friday, clean the camp on Saturday and Group comes in on Sunday (no break) 

What is happening is Youth groups and events are all trying to squeeze their summers camps, or events in before the end of during retreat season, during transition, we have guest groups out during week & weekend.  We do a full two week run with having groups @ camp SOLID for about 2 1/2 weeks..... Talk about transition; The one week we had 7 different retreat groups out @ camp!! (What a wonderful problem to have!!) But talk about the turn over....
Once summer staff leave, those who continue to stay now are responsible for what is need for the camp to welcome & accommodate our guests!!

Then half way through August when school starts the balance starts to tip towards the groups only being @ camp during the weekend with a few here and there guest groups that come for the day... Camp is booked clear through first weekend of November with groups!! During this time work is scheduled "as need basis" and work finally gets slower. Mike continues to work every day; there is always something to do at camp... but then I am able to focus more on the schooling, relationship building, workshops and other things not related to camp necessarily. 

However, this year is a little different because I am covering for our Administrative Assistant who had to have back surgery (she will be out of the office for 6 weeks) So my duties at camp have been extended for about 6-8 weeks.
With that said I really love working in the office.  Hours are not as long during this time.. Office hours are 9-5 typically but because someone in our family is always doing something beyond that we usually do not get home till around 6-7 which is still way better than 9 or 10!! I am starting to be able to breath again.. Slowly but surely!! I have the next challenge in front of me that I have not had much time to prepare for, But I must take one step at a time!!

We truly appreciate all the prayers and support during this time in our lives...

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