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Well... This blog is to update everyone on the next turn in our journey... Mike and I moved out to Nebraska on a two year term in July of 2011. We weren't sure of where our next location would be after  wards; but was willing to trust in God when the time came. I have to admit when we first moved, I really believed we would only stay two years and move on! Remember I had to pull a map out to see where Nebraska even was!! But, as time moved by we settled in and started building relationships quickly.
At times it even seemed as if our path was changing, but truth be told the Path was just being revealed a little more each time a situation was put before us.  When God called us into camp ministry our little minds couldn't wrap around how big that was to look like. God knows this, which is why I feel he only reveals little baby steps at a time, even though we want to see the whole picture! He KNOWS we couldn't handle it.   This two years truly as been a whirlwind looking back. 
Knowing our two years would be up, Mike and I began seeking direction and where the Lord wanted to lead us. Two years of getting hands on experience and obtaining knowledge seems to be a fair enough time to prepare me for what lies ahead...... I THOUGHT!! Mike and I had a job interview on the boarder of South Dakota and Nebraska late fall of this year, for an executive directors position. We prayed that if the door was to stay open we could walk through it, but if not we wanted to door to be closed.  Truthfully, up until then I hadn't  thought about relocating yet; but knew that the process took some last time and knew that it would take time this time as well.  The door closed for us on that experience but with every step of this journey we learn something.  God open my eyes once again and revealed that two years was just not enough time to learn, but was an easier time frame for me to understand and be more willing to obey when he asked us to move 900 miles away from friends and family.

Summer came and went.... Highlights of this Summer camp was that we had:
-1008 Campers for the summer
-165 different church was represented by campers
-152 campers came to know the Lord for the first time!!
-221 campers rededicated their life to the Lord!!

The end of the summer came; I was feeling really broken.  I was weak and had nothing left to give.  The long hours was effecting our marriage; we began to start going through the motions of daily living.  Many times I had thought that this was too difficult.  I can think of a few times where I wanted to quit!!  Just when I thought I had enough I lost my Mother due to a cerebral hemorrhage. Even though there have been times where I am not sure what or why we are doing what we are doing, God will gently remind us of his faithfulness, mercy and grace.   Regardless of the emotional roller coaster, both Mike and I have felt our hearts were still here in Nebraska. ( I get so excited and passionate to talk about Family Camp!!)

With that said we had a meeting with the Executive Director last week. The time has come for the next step to be revealed. As it turns out we ARE staying here in NEBRASKA FOR ANOTHER YEAR.... (at least)
Our family will be moving out to he HOUSE that is located on the neighbors camp's property (which is where we originally were going to move, but it fell through at the time)  The house has sat now for two years and is need of some TLC.... But, I know a really cute, talented carpenter!!!  Thinking back, we laugh at that of the beauty of Gods timing.  Two years ago, I would have felt isolated, and alone due to it being in the country. (not that I don't love living in the country)   Our first priority, which we didn't know at the time, was to build relationships.  IT was easier to do that in town.
We will start the work process TODAY to get it ready to move in.  The boys will start installing windows, while we start cleaning!!
We will move the last weekend of September!!  I will take pictures to keep everyone up to date.

                                     ***Prayer REQUEST**

Please pray for this transition!!!!           

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