Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Reflections!!!!


20) Mike and I hosted a small group for couples entitled "LOVE & RESPECT' for 12 weeks....
19) Dealt with betrayal!
18) Attended the Super-Sectional Camp Conference in Wisconsin!
17) Hosted our 2nd Mother/Daughter retreat at Camp Rivercrest!
16) Attended our first HUSKER game ( I know only important for those living in Nebraska!!)
15) Attended my second NCHEA conference!
14) Implemented the first annual Family Camp at Camp Rivercrest!
13) Invested in the long hours for our second summer @ Camp Rivercrest !
12) Had the privilege of celebrating the "40th" of  2 wonderful, dear friends!!!
11) Dealt with the loss of my mother!
10) Felt the growing pains of spiritual growth!
  9) Battled excruciating back pains!
  8) Moved into the house on the neighboring camps property!
  7) Went back home to celebrate my nephews 5th birthday!
  6) Started our 3rd year of homeschooling !
  5) Celebrated Kirk's 18th birthday!!
  4) Celebrated Owen's 16th birthday!!
  3) Celebrated Lyvvie's 13th birthday!!
  2) Celebrated Mike & I's 17th year anniversary!!
  1) Experienced shock during a surprise birthday party for ME!!


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