Monday, December 30, 2013


speechless (yes, this ONE TOO! okay... okay.. for the first few minutes, anyways!! )

What do all these words have in common??????

The feelings I felt @ My SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!

The night was intended, or so I thought, to surprise a dear friend of mine who will be moving away.  I spent some time planning with a few women from her church to come up with a perfect night!  She and I had been planning on going to this awesome Chinese place but always came up with an excuse to cancel on one another. I knew I could be the "alibi" It was planned that the women would meet us there. The surprise went without a hitch.. The evening was great... dinner was great.... We were going to go down to the old market and walk around and then go back to her house... but all the ladies had other things to do so we ruled old market out.  She was having some out of town visitors, that loved to play euchre as well,  so it was all working out perfect that we would just go back to her place. 
As we got closer to her house she realized her crockpot was not at her house as she anticipated on making some dip, so she wanted to swing by the community center that her church owns to borrow one from them.. Because there was a fundraiser going on she didn't want to walk in by herself so she asked me to go with her... Because I am a GOOD friend I agreed!! We went in through the kitchen so we wouldn't bother anyone. As she opened the door Mike was there and he was trying to put something over my face!!!! As I came into the kitchen everyone was yelling surprise.. and then it hit ME!!!! I typically am not the one on this end of the ordeal.. I am USUALLY the one throwing the surprise parties!!! (which creates it's own excitement in itself!!) The party was FOR ME!!!! I was in a state of shock for quite sometime... I tried processing the whole night, and the puzzle pieces were coming together!!
As I was trying to throw my friend a party, she was trying to throw ME a party... The details didn't work out correctly, which resulted in the revelation of my intentions, which began the whole "turning of the tables" on ME!! bahahaha...
My real birthday falls on Christmas Eve, for years it has been "forgotten" or "combined" with the other holiday activities; as a result I have always gone over and beyond for my children and their birthdays! I love throwing parties (especially surprises) for friends as a gift to them, to show them how much I love and appreciate them. It means a LOT to me to show someone how valued they are to me. My love language is quality time and acts of service so I tend to give that in abundance!!
To think... the effort that went into planning this FOR ME
TO think....the food that was brought for the celebration FOR ME
To think....the friends who gave up their night to be present FOR ME
TO think.....the thoughtfulness displayed FOR ME
TO think.....the generosity that my friends gave FOR ME
TO think.....the energy that went into preparing FOR ME
TO think....the work involved with setting up and cleaning up FOR ME
TO think...the SURPRISE PARTY...FOR ME!!!!

Words can not express how loved and appreciated that I felt! That evening I was surrounded by friends, whom I love dearly.  (I even had a friend who could not make it but made certain she remembered the night and sent a gift!!) My heart was filled with love as blessings were lavished upon me.. I am a women of simplicity but that evening was filled with luxury... as for THAT NIGHT was PRICELESS!!!!!!!


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