Thursday, January 9, 2014

Saying Goodbye!


 Yesterday was an extremely hard day for me as I had to say goodbye to a dear family... They took a job offer in a different state as part of God's will for their lives!! I serve the same God and know that there is no better place to be but than in the Will OF GOD!! Knowing that gave me some peace, but didn't make it less harder...
It brought back up painful memories of loved ones walking out of my life.  Even though THIS situation is a good one; gives us an opportunity and a place to vacate!! I have struggled with the fear of abandonment in the past.  But God's grace is sufficient!  It also brought back the difficult decision of leaving family and friends behind, when we choose to follow God's will for our lives knowing people had to love us so much to let us go as well!!  I think of all the activities, milestones, and important things  that I miss daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly!!!
Lastly, it brings up thoughts of what our future holds. Although there is a level of excitement to start something new and exciting.  It still creates a level of sadness.  We have truly been blessed with friendships and the time here has allowed us to build relationally. Mike and I both have the passion to serve and continue in ministry.  We have a willing heart and are passionate to see where this ministry will take us.  With that said we continue to ask for Prayer for direction and spiritual discernment. 
 In the midst of troubled times he allows a breath of fresh air... "reminders" that he is Still in charge!!


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