Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The countdown begins!!

 Eighteen and half years ago Mike & I had our first born SON! It's Hard to believe that he will be graduating this upcoming May!!!

The planning has begun for Kirks CELEBRATION!!!
*Save the Date has been SENT...IN case you missed it on FACE BOOK...
 May 18th @ 2:00 p.m.   MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!
*The Venue has been reserved... Kirk's commencement & Open house will be at
Camp Rivercrest 2840 County Rd 13 Fremont NE 68025
*invitations have been ordered.... Please inbox me your address if you would like an invite?
*Diploma has been ordered
*Menu has been started
*Cake has been ordered
*Decorations are in progress
I feel as if I have made great progress towards this exciting milestone!! As we finish out the last nine weeks of Kirks High School years I am reminded of a time not that long ago when I, myself was to walk down the isle. The year had been long and tough but I had endured the race. I didn't know what my future held except that I wanted to married and continue raising my son!! Just as I didn't know my future plans at that moment in time, neither does Kirk at this point.  We are not forcing him to go to college as we do not believe this path is for everyone.  We are highly encouraging him to stay motivated and to seek God's will for his LIFE! He currently his working at Pizza Hut and will continue his job at Camp this upcoming summer! He does have some thoughts on his future.. but ONLY TIME WILL TELL..
**Although I am sure he would like to see everyone who has made an impact in his life, I know this may not be possible for some.  If you can not attend the commencement or open house for KIRK but would like to send a card, YOU may mail it to our HOME ADDRESS.  I ask that all cards include a piece of advice, and/or words of
Hope to see you ALL in May!!


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