Monday, April 28, 2014

Your Story

This past Saturday I attended a (in)RL conference. It was quite unique, something I have never done before.  The uniqueness was that you actually meet up with strangers in a host home instead of a huge arena or another familiar place.  The setting is quite intimate and the theme this year was "Your Story"
Have you ever thought about what YOUR STORY is? I have always thought my story was insignificant and that the lessons I learn are for me only. After meeting some amazing ladies it was evident that no matter what background, religion or differences we share we all had something in common; We all had a story. We talked about community and what that looks like. We shared in the struggles of daily life and encouraged each other with the hope that no matter the path we walk opportunities will come to share parts of our stories. Sometimes this is harder or scarier then we would hope it to be. There is a level of trust when opening up, but also a since of joy and freedom when parts of our stories are used to benefit those who share in the same trials and struggles as you. It allows other the freedom to share their stories as well.  The most impactful story for me this weekend was by Angela Smith (her husband is in the band called Selah)
She explained how she was quick to post pictures of perfect situations, circumstances, outcomes or things she was doing. For instance, She had made this potpie, which she explains that she can not cook, it turned out beautiful just like the picture. She posted the beautiful picture. While taking the potpie out of the oven she had burnt herself.  As she looked at her scar the Lord spoke to her heart and asked her why she wouldn't post the picture of the scar?
Just the same as our own life. We are willing to share parts of our life's that are "perfect" or "good" But what about our scars? What about the pain, the ugly, the hardships? She then went on to explained that the "new pretty" should be of us really letting others see the "real YOU"
What is the "REAL YOU"? Are we quick to share the good things, but fail to share in the pain?
We all have a story no matter how big or small.
Oh, sister you and me
We are community
Laying down our stones
Open hands are free to hold
And maybe it’s your stories that will be the tie
That binds us to each other…
-from the (in)RL theme song

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  1. Angie's story was one of my favorites as well - there is something so beautiful and approachable about the authentic, messy parts of our lives. When I let down my guard & show my weak spots to others, it gives them the chance to step in and work in the strengths God gave them :) So glad you joined us for (in)RL!