Friday, May 9, 2014

It's hard to believe!!

     It is hard to believe that another year has passed since I began the journey of homeschooling.  Each year has proven to be a challenge in many different ways, and this year was no different.
     Looking back over the year I continued to struggle with the balance of "staying on schedule" The year started later than I had anticipated due to a few situations that was out of my control.  I quickly worked on our schedule and did some adjusting, which eliminate any and all prospective days off.  The thought lingered in the back of my mind if we would be able to finish "on time"  Technically, when you home school we have a whole year to complete the curriculum. Because we serve at camp in the summer, time does not allow us to do that, which puts us on a strict timeline. The flexibility that home school offers is probably one of the many rewards with schooling at home.  Speed up the year and now I'm wondering how the year went so fast?!! 
     My daughter is very task driven, and goal oriented like her father. Although she doesn't like school it does come easy for her for the most part. As we approached the end of the race, she saw the finish line and took off like a freight train.  We began the 12-14 hours of school to cram it was easy to do with her as she embraces the challenge, not so easy with the other two. But after the LONG, HARD week we have had I sit here in admiration of the endurance and diligence that she displays, not only has she completed her 7th grade year, she did it a week early!! Furthermore, at 11:30 p.m. last night my oldest son completed his Last Final Exam of is High School year!!  
      I have been preparing for his graduation since January, but nothing prepares you for the actual day of completion! I am both excited and sad all at the same time as I begin to think of his future. As many mothers can attest; the feeling of stepping into a different season of life with parenting brings much anticipation, but also a level of insecurity as we walk into the territory of the unknown.  The "what ifs" plaque my mind, and at times can be crippling, but drives me closer to the one who does know our future


Comparison robs you of joy. Comparing yourself to others will always cause you to regret what you aren’t, rather than allow you to enjoy who you are. It will always steal the joy and happiness that is within your reach… and place it just outside of your reach instead.

Soo, what can you do? Celebrate who you are. There are many wonderful things about your life. You are an artist… or a businessman… or a mother… or a good listener… or a generous soul. You have much to celebrate and are entirely unique. Any comparison between you and another person is like comparing apples to oranges. They aren’t living your life, you are. Therefore, you should expect the results to be completely different.   My middle son brings up the rear in this race to finish; he should finish today or Monday to conclude the year.  Again, I am amazed and honored to watch as he struggles through his challenges and overcomes the obstacles.  I have always tried to explain to each child their uniqueness and how each child is fearfully and wonderfully made. We have had many lessons in the strength/weakness department, along with comparison.  Comparison robs us of the joy of who WE were CREATED to be. It takes our focus off of where it should be.

    Oh, the qualities I love about this BOY!! He is so dedicated, hardworking, energetic & as such an amazing music talent!
Never, do I want my kids to feel as if my focus is on one child more than the other. MY three children bring me such blessings in different ways. 
The one thing I truly admire about our journey is that; although our attitudes conflict more times than I would like, God knew what he was doing when he called me to home school this one especially.  I have had my fair share of trials but I can say with confidence that I have gained an understanding, empathy and respect that has created a deeper bond that truly was needed.
The hardest process proves to be painful but produces much beauty in the end!!


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