Thursday, June 26, 2014


                                                                                         Update on the SOLMEN'S

I haven't had much time to blog as our summer has begun.  But I wanted to give all my faithful readers and update on how things are going with us... 

First of all, Our baby boy GRADUATED on May 18th, 2014!!!!!

Second, we hosted our second family camp @ Camp Rivercrest during Memorial Day Weekend. The number of families doubled from last year!  It truly was a great time of makin' memories.  We saw families unite and really bond with one another.  It really puts a stirring in Mike and My heart to host more of these more often than just one time a year!! 

Third, following Family Camp, our family left for a Family get away of our own.  We went to Mahoney State Parks here in Nebraska.  We stayed in a lodge for the few days.  We played miniature golf, did a picnic and went to the water park  Although it was short lived; It was both refreshing and relaxing...

Fourth, We came home on Tuesday and on Wednesday we started staff training here at Rivercrest.  We did 10 days of training, which means the core staff was at camp for 100+ hours for those 10 days. Friday we ended our 10 days with a BBQ and air boats at Bryson's Air boat at the Fremont Lakes. 

Fifth, on Sunday we started our first Summer camp.  Our first week is probably the hardest week to adjust to.  We  start one camp and because it is a mini camp it ends on Wednesday.  Thursday is an Over night camp, and Friday we finish that camp and prepare for our third camp!! So for the administration we are working on THREE different camps... (Which, there is enough work to do for an entire week for each camp!!)  (70 hours for this week) 

Sixth, We got through the first week and began week two & now are on week three!! It's hard to believe that next week we will be HALF way through summer camp already!! 

Seventh, Mike and I have been tested time and time again.  I believe that it is because we are working for the kingdom and Satan tries his very best to attack us, which he succeeds at times!! But most importantly I think God brings us to a place where we need to be fully dependent on him.  The work is long, and hard and often times leaves us depleted. But, God sends us reminders of how good and faithful he really is.

Eight, Mike and I are praying for directions and waiting for God's timing... (More on this at a later time) 

Ninth, Mike and I are planning on spending some much needed rest over the 4th of July .....camping!! It is a passion of ours that has such great MEMORIES of us bonding as a family,  however, we haven't gotten to do this much as time nor my back allows it! We are praying that God would provide us a blessing in the form of a camper!! Good friends of ours, has been generous and will be lending us their camper so that we can have this opportunity!!  We are so grateful for their kindness!! 

Tenth,  Well I don't really have a tenth so I guess I will leave you with some encouragement...... 


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