Monday, September 8, 2014

Chaos to conflict to Schedules & Routines...


     Our family started home schooling today!!  We always start after we take a week off over labor day. We spent 10 days relaxing and just refreshing from the season we just finished.   We were able to go camping for a few days, we played euchre, we hosted a mother/daughter bunco, we celebrated another anniversary among the many things we did!!

     This is our 4th year homeschooling, while I learn new things each year I am finally getting comfortable with it.  Every year I forget how time consuming this truly is until we start and I adjust!! Each year I create some goals that I hope to attain.  This year is our first year with only two children. We did agree to have the children take a few classes at Cedar Public Schools.  I love how each home school journey is as unique as each family. What fits for one family may certainly not fit for another..  The kids have been doing these classes for about three weeks. It was a nice transition for them so they can adjust for the most part but like any transition, comes some chaos with trying to learn the new boundaries.  Transitioning can be slow for my son, and a lot of wasted time.  I am just convinced that no matter where or how my son does school he will hate it.  His stubbornness and argumentative spirit can be a challenge.  It brings some frustration which causes a great deal of conflict at times. I want to show empathy and compassion to him, he has such a great heart. I think he is overwhelmed with his struggles at times and just will do about anything to act out defensively to protect his heart.  Schedules work great for most, but he has always lived outside the mold and beats to a different tune of the drum.  But then again, he is his mothers son!! :) 
     I love the fall, as it welcomes a different season for us. It's a season of schedules & routines.. But also a time of building relationships; home studies, consistent blogs, bible studies, coffee socials, Family/Friend game nights.... and of course HOME SCHOOLING!!

A few of my goals for this year are in no particular order:

1) To be more disciplined
2) To be more organized
3) To have more patience & understanding (eek!)
4) To focus on our "school time" without distractions
5) To work more efficient
6) To be a good steward of my time
7) To not compare my family and home school journey to others
8) To give each and every day to the Lord and allow him to direct our path
9) To not be anxious; but to be still, not over burdening my children or  myself; which means if we don't get everything done, this will be okay....(do you hear the anxiety in this sentence?!!)


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