Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last year's Reflections

As many of you have done I have been reflecting over this past year! I have struggled remembering some of the moments that really made up 2014...
We had our great moments such as:

~Attending "The Art of Marriage" weekend
~Kirks Graduation
~Visiting with my sister & Nephew
~Spending time with the family at Mahoney & Fremont Lakes
~Going with the ladies to watch
"Mom's Night Out"
~Enjoying families at the Camp Rivercrest Family Camp
~Starting my 4th year home schooling
~Going home for Thanksgiving
~The many nights of cards games, &  investing many hours developing friendships
~Traveling to Missouri TWICE
~Getting the opportunity to go to the Joyce Meyers conference
We also had our bad moments:
~Replacing the motor in our suburban
~Going through some hardships
~My back
~Owens accident
We also had our blessings:
~Financial provision for our motor
~Attending the Joyce Meyer conference
~Mike & I walking through a valley and having God reveal His promises to us
~ Being a part of Camp Ministry
~Financial support
~Winning a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory for a special date..
~Seeing our son graduate
~Restoring friendships
~Seeing my children turn 19, 17 & 14
~Celebrating the holiday season
~A math tutor for our son

And.. as I looked back at some of the goals I made & reflected back on my word I had chosen (balance)
I realized that most my goals were accomplished & although I am still working on balancing different areas of my life I am, moving on to the new year.. 2015!!!

My new word is communication!

I want to strive on communicating with friends & family more in person, writing encouraging letters & Sending them!!! Using the phone to communicate. 
I am wanting to invest in friendships by showing others that their time is valuable!
My daughter said one time that I worry more about my phone than her.. that was hard for me to believe. These years are precious moments that I don't want to waste.  I want to invest in communicating with not only her but my family as well.

I am looking forward to 2015.. it will be a year of transition.. Each day will be a new day that we will be given to further His Kingdom. It is an untold story but God knows the plans he has for us!!
** JEREMIAH 29:11

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