Saturday, January 3, 2015


     This evening our camp Rivercrest staff got together for a reunion. It was so nice seeing everyone and hearing where they were in their lives currently.  We played games, We laughed and enjoyed each others company.....
    I started wondering if that in fact will be how the reunion will take place, of other believers of Christ, when we get to heaven?
    Then I started wandering if I was doing enough to advance the kingdom of God so that others have the opportunity to come to the "reunion"?

  Then I started wandering if words truly have an impact on others;  is my words making an impact?? 

Just like the many gifts that were put in the middle of the floor for others to choose from we have gifts God has given to us & it is our job to turn around and give these gifts back to him by using these gifts to advance his kingdom & to show glory to His name.

Then I wandered am I using my gifts that God has given to me effectively?? 

I want to be both accepting and giving this year. I want my eyes to see the lost & hurting. I don't want to miss opportunities to share the good news to those who are hungry for the truth. I want to be used by God so that.. one day when it's our turn to have the Big Heaven Reunion we will be able to see as many people there; that we can all look around and be thankful that the greatest gift that was given  to us all was Jesus himself when he took upon his shoulders, our sin, & laid down his life for us!! 


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