Saturday, February 28, 2015

Update on Travels~

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Thank you to our sweet friends for their hospitality and friendship!!
Thank you to their girls for giving up their beds for two nights~ 
      Our family is currently in Tennessee.  We covet your prayers as we seek out the next path in our journey.    I wanted to share the blessings we have already experienced!!  Yesterday we arrived into the Nashville area around 6:00 p.m. We stayed at camp called Garner Creek Retreat Center.
The camp managers' were Jeff & Angie and they were very hospitable and kind.  They gave us a tour of the camp this morning.  Not only were we blessed with a stay but dinner and breakfast as well.
     We ended up leaving way later than anticipated but building relationships is far more important to me.   Some where along the line as we were traveling towards the Knoxville area we found a sign for Jalisco's.  For those who know us well, know that this is Kirk's absolute most favorite restaurant back in Ohio! We couldn't believe our eyes.. We begged Mike to pull over and after a few minutes of reasoning with him we were eating at our family's favorite restaurant!!!
Favorite Restaurant of all times!!

The kids were so thankful they didn't even mind me taking their picture!!

The camp we are staying at tonight is called Eagle Rock Retreat Center
It is beautiful as well!! The family who operates this camp is Lon & Bebe Gillooly.  
This is the first time I have been up the mountains and I have to say that the view is breathtaking!!  We arrived just as it got dark, so we can not wait to see the camp during the day.  Pictures to come tomorrow!!


We were able to make connections via facebook about a month ago with a lady who used to live in the Fremont area, but now resides in the Tennessee area.  Out of the goodness of her heart she has helped me with information that we needed to line this trip up.  We will be visiting her and her family tomorrow during church, as well as sharing a lunch together.  I can not wait to finally meet my new friend!! I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

 I have to admit some of the traveling, if we choose to move here, will be something that I will have to get accustomed too!!  No guard rails, twists, turns, ups & downs.. have me a bit nervous.  Oh, and to experience going up the mountain with the switch backs.. HOLY MOLY... as exhilarating as that was I have to admit I was a bit scared!!!


Prayer Request:
Our Shelly (suburban) is not behaving like she needs to.  We are experiencing some mild troubles from her.  Will you please pray that our vehicle will handle this trip and that "she" remains reliable and dependable for us?


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