Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back update

     I went to the doctor yesterday for a second opinion about my back.
     About 3 years ago I was going to a doctor who recommended surgery but at the time we had lost our insurance so I couldn't afford the surgery.  I chose to do the injections while the injections only lasted 8 weeks and 2 weeks.
I no longer could do those as the were expensive so I continued to pray and trust in the Lord for His healing in HIS perfect timing. I know that one day he's going to heal my back;  it may not be here on earth but I do know that there will be
NO more pain no more suffering in heaven and that is a promise I'm holding onto!!
      While at the doctor yesterday  for a second opinion,  he did some tests on my legs & feet and watched the way i walked.  He was very concerned as I've already started losing abilities and strength in my right leg because of the massive herniation that is pressing on the nerves, which is also causing nerve damage.
      I know that the doctor said he was concerned but I have a GOD that can do big things and I'm trusting that HE is using this for HIS purpose.
     After hearing my story the doctor had compassion and blessed us by only charging us a fourth of what the shot would have been, not only that but I didn't have to wait to schedule the injection for a different time. I was able to receive it   yesterday right after my consultation....
It was very painful however I am slowly feeling some relief from the pain in my back. I was hoping it would be quicker but I will take what I can get!!
     He wants me to limit several activities and be careful because he is concerned of me becoming crippled.  He also wants me to work at trying to get insurance & to consider having the surgery. We are praying that this injection works long enough to tide me over as we investigate different options for insurance.

Please pray that we can find affordable insurance?!!  In the meantime, Please pray that this injection works to give me  relief!!

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